About Us


Islamic Society of Albury Wodonga Inc. (ISAW) was established in 1999. ISAW represents the major border towns of Albury (of NSW) and Wodonga (of Victoria), and also, the surrounding towns.

Registered with the Australian Charity and non-for-profits Commission (ACNC), ISAW is a religious and educational non-for-profit organization where all activities are guided by and do not contradict with the teachings of Islam.


The aims of ISAW are to live in accordance with the teachings of Islam and to endeavour follow Islam in the way of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in all spheres of life, and thereby, to attain the pleasure of Allah (SWT), the Almighty Lord.


  • ​Establish mosques and other facilities to house the Society’s activities
  • Organize religious, social, and athletic events, provided they do not contradict with the Islamic norms and practices
  • Help Muslims practise Islam as a belief, a behavior, and a way of life, and invite people to the cause of Allah
  • Devise and conduct programs of Islamic education for all age groups
    Work in collaboration with other faith groups to establish and maintain community cohesion
  • Disseminate and project to the public the Islamic positions related to all areas of life
  • Cherish the bonds of friendship and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims within the framework of Islam
  • Participate in community development activities